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Immigration Health Surcharge Increase from 16 January 2024

The Immigration Health Surcharge, which is a fee paid for the NHS, (the British healthcare system) as part of the process for many visas here, is set to increase from January 2024.

The Home Office laid an order to increase the Immigration Health Surcharge, to be approved by both parliaments (House of Commons and House of Lords), to come into force from 16 January 2024 or if after that date, at the latest, on the twenty-first day after the day on which the order is approved.

The Immigration Health Surcharge will increase from £470 per year to £776 per year for visas for children, students and their dependents, and workers here under the youth mobility visa. 

And, the fee will increase from £624 per year to £1035 per year for other visas, such as family visas, for example, visas for partners, fiancés, spouses, among others, and work and entrepreneur visas.

The ideal for those who already meet the requirements of the visa routes would be to apply now or before 16th January 2024, that is before the 66% increase in this fee happens. 

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