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90-day Rule: Joining Family Members (of EU/EEA Nationals) in the UK with a tourist visa. 🌐 Settlement Scheme Immigration Update🌐:

For Joining Family Members in the UK on a tourist visa here is some important recent news! 

From 16 January 2024, you have 90 days (mandatory) from entering the country as a tourist to apply for the Settlement Scheme if you wish to obtain residency (visa) here through the Settlement Scheme. Don't miss the deadline!

Who are Joining Family Members?

They are close family members of the EU/EEA that have Pre-Settled or Settled Status here for having started residence here by 31/12/2020).

Close family members:

Partners (two years of relationship or more such as marriage by 31/12/2020).

Spouses (marriage by 31/12/2020 or marriage after that date and two years of relationship or more as marriage until 31/12/2020).

Dependent parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and in-laws.

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren under 2.

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren over 21, dependents.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with your application we can help you!

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